We have got our BBQ area Spray Foam Insulated and it is amazing what a difference it makes! Thank you for great friendly service!

We had under house done today excellent job.. put the wood fire on and now its to hot in here. No cold draft coming through the floor any more. We can notice the difference already 100% warmer in here now.

Thanks on a great product and job.

Dermot is a very friendly and honest man. He does the initial thorough quote and the spray foam job so no surprises. Quality rig and product – makes sure you are happy with every stage of the job. Would highly recommend Dermot as he is an very well trained expert in his field (and that makes a HUGE difference).

Not a cheap outlay but you get a HIGH QUALITY vastly superior product and application. It is the right product for insulation (beats cheap arse batts hands down – ask him why and then you will know why and make the right choice). Cost is due to high quality product and time consuming application as he does things RIGHT.

Save up, book him and never look back. Enjoy.

“I love, love, LOVE my spray foam insulation!! Why? It is the easiest (Dermot did all the work!), it is economical, takes little time to apply, the house feels wonderful (so cooool)! and we all need more of it in the blistering WA summer!

Apart from all that, Dermot answered all my questions quickly, got back to me within a day (how often does THAT happen with contractors?), made an appointment to come and SEE the job, made an appointment to do the work, arrived on time with a POSITIVE attitude, did the work in a timely manner and charged a reasonable price. What more can you want? Yes, I am gushy over the foam AND the contractor! THANK YOU Dermot Cross!”

I have a had a rather large (130 m2) acoustic insulation job done (within a day!), and was absolutely amazed by the result. Dermot works hard and fast and tirelessly. He has an excellent technical input, and his product is awesome.

Foam insulation is much faster, easier and effective than insulation bats or other products… and the overall result is a cost effective solution! I am already thinking about everywhere else I will ask him to spray!

Hi Dermot,

Thanks for coming and applying the spray foam insulation to the subfloor area of our home.

Our old home here was built 1959 and it was a cold place in winter, any heat generated by our heater quicker transferred through the floorboards or out the gaps between the walls and the floor structure.

With the spray foam installed we can now heat the home more economically and don’t get the draughts with the spray foam also sealing the many gaps we had in the flooring.

I appreciate the good communication while organising the job and the time you took to explain the process to me, it’s clear you are passionate about making this fantastic product a viable option in WA.

I would be happy to recommend Spray Foam Insulation Perth to anyone looking to use this method, it also ended up being a more economic option compared to under floor fibre insulation quotes I received.

All the best.